Robert Maillet



Place of birth:

Ste-Marie-de-Kent, New Brunswick, Canada:


A French Canadian from rural New Brunswick, it was clear from an early age that Robert would be a very big boy. In the first grade he stood taller than his teacher and that made him awkward and a bit shy, so growing up he took shelter in his own dreams. One of those dreams was to become a professional wrestler, and for a time he realized that dream with a successful career in the W.W.F. At the urging of a friend, he brought the confidence and poise learned in the ring to the big screen. Among his most memorable performances are the terrifying Uber Immortal in Zack Snyder's 300, the ominous and powerful Dredger in Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Homes and the unstoppable Minotaur in Tarsem Singh's Immortals.


as Bernard Hoyster / Sluggo
as Chet
as Barracuda Ben
as l'exécuteur
as Yeti
as Giant Hobo
as Giant
as Blackwell
as Polyphemus / Laistrygonian
as Lt. Aleksis Kaidanovsky
as Terry 'Terror' Thompkins
as Minotaur
as Anton 'The Pro' Protopov
as Frankenstein
as Dredger
as Uber Immortal (Giant)