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Charles Carson

Charles Carson



Place of birth:

London, England, UK:


Curse of the Fly (1965)
as Inspector Charas
Macbeth (1960)
as Caithness
A Touch of Larceny (1959)
as Robert Holland
Let's Be Happy (1957)
as Mr. Ferguson
Reach for the Sky (1956)
as Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding
The Dam Busters (1955)
as Doctor
Beau Brummell (1954)
as Sir Geoffrey Baker
Cry, the Beloved Country (1952)
as James Jarvis
The Dummy Talks (1943)
as Marvello
They Flew Alone (1942)
as Lord Wakefield
Penn of Pennsylvania (1942)
as Adm. Penn
The Common Touch (1941)
as Haywood
Quiet Wedding (1941)
as Mr. Johnson
Spare a Copper (1940)
as Admiral
The Lion Has Wings (1939)
as Anti-aircraft Officer
The Saint In London (1939)
as John Morgan - Penny's Uncle
Inspector Hornleigh (1939)
as Chief Superintendent
Sixty Glorious Years (1938)
as Sir Robert Peel
Oh, Boy! (1938)
as Governor
Saturday Night Revue (1937)
as Mr. Dorland
Victoria the Great (1937)
as Sir Robert Peel
Dark Journey (1937)
as Head of Fifth Bureau
Glamorous Night (1937)
as Otto
Secret Lives (1937)
as Henri
Fire Over England (1937)
as Adm. Valdez
Talk of the Devil (1936)
Forget Me Not (1936)
as George Arnold
The Beloved Vagabond (1936)
as Charles Rushworth
Secret Agent (1936)
as „R“
Le vagabond bien-aimé (1936)
as Charles Rushworth
Scrooge (1935)
as Middlemark
Moscow Nights (1935)
as Officer of Defense
Abdul the Damned (1935)
as Gen. Hilmi-Pasha
Invitation To The Waltz (1935)
as Lombardi
The Broken Melody (1934)
as Colonel Dubonnet
Whispering Tongues (1934)
as Roger Mayland
The Rise of Catherine the Great (1934)
as English Ambassador
Blossom Time (1934)
as Frederick Lafont
The Chinese Puzzle (1932)
as Armand de Rochecorbon
Men of Tomorrow (1932)
as Senior Proctor
Marry Me (1932)
as Korten
Many Waters (1931)
as Henry Delauney
Dreyfus (1931)
as Col. Picquart