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Clark Johnson

Clark Johnson



Place of birth:

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA :


Clark Johnson  (born September 10, 1954), sometimes credited as Clark 'Slappy' Jackson, Clarque Johnson, and J. Clark Johnson, is an American actor and director who has worked in both television and film.


Magnum Opus (2017)
as Robert Cochran
Brawl in Cell Block 99 (2017)
as Detective Watkins
Hyena Road (2015)
as General Rilmen
Bird People (2014)
as McCullan
Santorini Blue (2013)
as Nick
Defendor (2009)
as Roger Fairbanks
Nurse.Fighter.Boy (2009)
as Silence
The Wire: The Last Word (2007)
The Wire Odyssey (2007)
as Himself
The Sentinel (2006)
as Charlie Merriweather
Tripping the Wire: A Stephen Tree Mystery (2005)
The Limb Salesman (2004)
as Abe Fielder
S.W.A.T. (2003)
as Deke's Handsome Partner
On Their Knees (2001)
as Uncle John Walker
Disappearing Acts (2000)
as Jimmy
Deliberate Intent (2000)
as James Perry
Love Come Down (2000)
as Dean
Homicide: The Movie (2000)
as Meldrick Lewis
The Planet of Junior Brown (1997)
as Mr. Pool
Nick of Time (1995)
as Hackney Transportist
Drop Zone (1994)
as Bob Covington
Final Round (1994)
as Trevon
Model by Day (1993)
as Master Chang
The Finishing Touch (1992)
as Detective Gilliam
Psychic (1992)
as Spencer
Renegades (1989)
as JJ
Colors (1988)
as lee
Hostage (1988)
as Detective Morton
Blindside (1987)
as Moriarty
Starcrossed (1985)
as Ralph
Skullduggery (1983)
as Dave
Juanita (2019)
The Sentinel (2006)
S.W.A.T. (2003)
Boycott (2001)
Percy ()