Michael C. Hall



დაბადების ადგილი:

Raleigh, North Carolina, USA:


In the Shadow of the Moon (2019)
The Report (2019)
Game Night (2018)
as The Bulgarian
Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House (2017)
as John Dean
Star vs. the Forces of Evil: The Battle for Mewni (2017)
as Toffee (voice)
David Bowie: The Last Five Years (2017)
as Himself
Christine (2016)
as George Peter Ryan
After Adderall (2016)
as Director
The Gettysburg Address (2015)
as Leonard Swett (voice)
Justice League: Gods and Monsters (2015)
as Batman / Kirk Langstrom (voice)
Cold in July (2014)
as Richard Dane
Kill Your Darlings (2013)
as David Kammerer
The River (2013)
as The Guru
The Trouble with Bliss (2011)
as Morris Bliss
Peep World (2010)
as Jack
Gamer (2009)
as Ken Castle
Mysteries of the Freemasons (2007)
as Narrator
Bereft (2004)
as Jonathan
Paycheck (2003)
as Agent Klein